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What is Inflammatory Arthritis?

There are several kinds of arthritis​

  1. Degenerative or Osteoarthritis

  2. Inflammatory Arthritis

  3. Crystal Arthritis

  4. Infectious Arthritis

  5. Metabolic Arthritis​

Inflammatory Arthritis.

Two of the most common kinds of Inflammatory Arthritis are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. The symptoms of inflammatory arthritis are:​

  • Joint Stiffness or Gel Phenomenon

  • Joint Pain

  • Joint Swelling

  • Loss of Manual Dexterity

  • At times, tingling in fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome)​

I want to define "Joint Stiffness or Gel Phenomenon". Stiffness is difficulty moving after a period of rest in joints that improves or loosens up with activity and/or warming up. It is not pain. Stiffness that is more than 30 minutes is more consistent with an inflammatory arthritis. Another way of understanding it is Gel Phenomenon. Gel, like Jelly, is vicious and thick at room temperature but if you warm it up, it becomes more loose or runny. This is NOT to be confused with stiffness in muscles.

Fortunately, treatment is similar for both. There are many treatments with amazing quality of life improvement.

The question you need to ask yourself and your healthcare provider is what is your treatment goal.

I tell my patients with inflammatory arthritis that my treatment goals are that they no longer suffer from:​

  • Joint Stiffness

  • Joint Pain

  • Joint Swelling

  • Loss of Manual Dexterity

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